The Story Of The Phoenix With Moral Lesson And Summary

THE STORY OF THE PHOENIX – This time, we will discover the story of the mysterious bird phoenix with a moral lesson and summary. Many of us see such a thing on tv or read it in books. Let us know where the phoenix came from and how it lives.

The phoenix bird represents immortality, resurrection, and life after death, and it is associated with the sun god in Greek and Egyptian mythology. The bird is pictured as a heron, but in classic literature, as a peacock or an eagle.

The Story Of The Phoenix With Moral Lesson And Summary
The Story Of The Phoenix With Moral Lesson And Summary

The Story Of The Phoenix

The mythical tale of the Phoenix is a legend from Asia.

Once upon a time, the great shining Sun looked down on the world and saw a massive bird with a shiny red and lustrous gold feather. The beauty of the bird is undeniable, so the Sun was impressed by its brightness. The Sun called out to the bird and said, “Glorious Phoenix, you shall be my beloved bird and live forever!”

The delighted Phoenix raised its head and sang, “Glorious Sun, I shall sing my songs only for you!”

Meanwhile, every time the people saw the Phoenix, they desperately chased it to take its gorgeous feathers and to hear its song. The Phoenix was very annoyed because of it.

“I cannot live here,” the Phoenix reflected. It flew off to the far eastern desert to praise the Sun in peace.

Five hundred years had passed, and the Phoenix was already old and tired. It wanted to rise high in the sky and glide as fast as it was young.

After that, the Phoenix decided to fly west. It collected cinnamon twigs and fragment leaves and tucked them in its feathers on its way. In its claws is a ball of resin that it picked up.

It flew to the ‘City of Sun,’ the Heliopolis of Egypt. The Phoenix built a nest on top of the Temple of the Sun out of the spices and resin it collected on its journey.

The Phoenix comfortably sat on its nest and sang, “Sun, glorious Sun, make me young and strong again!”
The Sun ignited the nest in a flash of flame. The Phoenix was in flames and died in the fire.

As the flames died down, something extraordinary happened. The ashes suddenly shake, and a new, young Phoenix appears. Then, it sang to the Sun and grew as it beautifully sang. When the song ended, it became the same size as the old Phoenix.

Like the previous Phoenix, it graciously spread its wings and flew back to the lonely desert. It still lives there, but every five hundred years, by the time it feels old and weak, it flies back to the Temple of the Sun to be burnt.

Every time it happens, the Phoenix bird rises from the ashes, young and strong again.

The idiom, “rise like a phoenix from the ashes,” is originally from this legend. The phrase means ‘to be revitalized after a disastrous challenge.’

Story Analysis of The Story of The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a unique bird that lived in the Arabian desert for 500 years. It goes to the Temple of the Sun when it becomes old and weak. With its nest, the Sun burned the bird.  Extraordinary rose from the ashes, renewing its youth with its song to live another cycle in the lonely desert.

According to the legend, the Phoenix is still in the lonely Egyptian desert no one can ever find. It only sang to the Sun until it grew weak and old. And, just like every five hundred years, it flew back to Heliopolis in Egypt to be burnt.

The Story Of The Phoenix Moral Lesson

  • Others may suffer as a result of your greed.
    • In the story, the greediness of men leads them to chase the Phoenix to take its beautiful feathers and to hear its song. The Phoenix suffered with their doings, for it is nowhere safe to live. We must think twice before we do something that might harm others.
  • Let the hurt die; spread your newfound wings and fly.
    • Although the Phoenix is old and weak, it still managed to go to the Temple of the Sun to be burnt. From the ashes, it rose again and sang until it was big enough to spread its new wings and fly. Let us remember that there is always hope to make it through every suffering we face.

The Story of the Phoenix Summary

In the legend, the Sun saw a beautiful bird and told it should be the Sun’s beloved bird and would live forever. In return, the Phoenix said it would sing its songs only for the Sun. The people desperately chased the Phoenix every time they saw it, for they wanted to take its beautiful feathers and hear it sing.

The Phoenix was annoyed, so he decided to go to the far eastern desert to praise the Sun in peace. After five hundred years, it became old and weak. it chooses to fly west to Heliopolis in Egypt, the ‘City of the Sun.’ It built a nest, sat on it, and sang to the Sun that it wanted to become young and strong again. The Sun ignited a flame on the nest, and the Phoenix died in the fire. After which, something extraordinary happened. A new Phoenix arose then it went to the lonely desert to praise the Sun with songs again. Every five hundred years, the Phoenix has done the same until now.

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