How The Kangaroo Got Its Tail Story With Moral Lesson/Summary

HOW THE KANGAROO GOT ITS TAIL – This time, let us know how do kangaroos got their tails with our story below with moral lesson and summary. It is quite clever how the kangaroos gained their tails. Read the whole article to and them to children to enjoy.

The story is an aboriginal story, also known as Dreamtime. It is an accumulated myth of time told from generation to generation. Let us imagine how the small kangaroo could reach the honey and the big kangaroo couldn’t, and how the stick stuck in their back and became their tails.

How The Kangaroos Got Its Tail Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
How The Kangaroos Got Its Tail Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

The Kangaroo’s Tail

In the olden days, two kangaroos lived in the savannah. Coming from the hills, the little kangaroo was small and had short arms and legs. The Big kangaroo was huge from the plains and had long arms and legs. Both of them did not have tails.
One sunny day, as a little kangaroo was roaming around the field, he reached into a hole in the rock. When he pulled out his paws, it was concealed with honey. Surprised by what happened, he tastefully licked the golden bush honey on his paw. It was scrumptious. Looking around for food, Big kangaroo saw it, and he eventually craved some honey. Without hesitation, little kangaroo offered graciously, “Reach in and get some.”
Big kangaroo excitedly stretched his long arms deep into the hole and shockingly pulled out a handful of spiders. He was very annoyed and disheartened.
“Do it again,” convinced the little kangaroo. The little kangaroo felt mercy for the big kangaroo.
Again, the big kangaroo stretched his paws into the hole, pulling nothing but spiders. On the other hand, he kept thrusting his short paws inside the hole, and shortly after, he finished eating all the honey.
The big kangaroo was fuming. Big kangaroo believed that little kangaroo deceived him. Therefore, he grabbed a stick and threw it at the little kangaroo’s head. Little kangaroo paid back big kangaroo. He grabbed a bigger stick and hit him back. Even though he was small, he had good aim.
The big kangaroo ran off speedily, but the little kangaroo’s good aim never failed. He throws the stick toward big kangaroo, and its point is stuck in its back. In return, the big kangaroo threw a stick too. Its point also stuck into the back of the little kangaroo. The sticks at their back did not fall off and eventually became their tails.
The kangaroos were startled at these new attachments in their bodies. They both decided to stop their fight and return to their own country.
Nowadays, when you see kangaroos from the hills and plains, you will know how kangaroos get their tails.

Story Analysis of How Kangaroos Got Its Tail

The fight between the two kangaroos starts in the story when the little kangaroo accidentally finds honey in the hole and eats it. The big kangaroo wanting to eat, dipped its paws into the hole but only got spiders. Soon after, the little kangaroo finished eating all the honey.

The big kangaroos were furious about it, and that’s when they vigorously started fighting by throwing sticks at each other. The sticks are stuck in their backs and permanently become their tails.

How The Kangaroos Got Its Tail Moral Lesson

  • Do not be selfish, and be considerate to others.
    • Just because the big kangaroo couldn’t get some honey, the little kangaroo didn’t even share what he got. Let us learn to share whatever blessing we have to make others happy.

How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails Summary

The myth tells us that there were two kangaroos: a little kangaroo living in the hills and a big kangaroo residing in the plains. Both are hungry and looking for food; the little kangaroo reaches into a hole in the rock and pulls his paws covered with honey. Little kangaroo invited big kangaroo to put his paws in the hole to get some honey, but he only got a handful of spiders. He did it again, but he only got the same.

Eventually, the little kangaroo finished eating all the honey. The big kangaroo was angry, so the big kangaroo threw a stick at the little kangaroo, who also did the same. The kangaroos continued their fight until the sticks they threw each other back got stuck. Now, those sticks became their tails.

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