Phonics: Short Vowel u As In Sun

Phonics: Short Vowel u Sound Words As In Sun

In this tutorial, we shall focus on 3 letter short “u” sound words which says “uh,” as in “sun” and “bug”. “U” is the last of the vowels in the English alphabet. Like the other vowels, phonics “u” words has both a short vowel sound and a long vowel sound. There are other great examples of words given with the short U sound that would help students:

  1. Recognize words, phrases and sentences with u as in sun.
  2. Answer who, what, and where questions about a story read.
  1. Lesson 9 – u as in sun

ub         ud        ug       um       un       ut       up

bub       bud      bug      bum     bun     but      cup

  1. Materials: flashcards with words, phrases and sentences, pictures.
  2. Value: Playing with wholesome toys


Learning Activities:

  1. Drill on flashcards
  2. Initial consonant sounds – b. d, f, g, h, l. m. p, r, s, t
  3. Whole words: a, and, on, for, is, into, who, the, one, of, oh, it, what, where
  1. Opener: Chant

Hug, hug, the pup.

Rub, rub, the pup.

Hug and rub the pup.

Hug and rub the pup.

It’s fun to hug and rub the pup,

What is fun? What do you do with the pup?

  1. Review:

Reading phrases:

a bad cat

six big kids

Reading sentences:

The bag is on the bed.

The man ran and sat.

  1. Motivation:

What is the weather today? Is there a sun shining? What is fun to do under the sun? Let’s have fun reading new words.

  1. Presentation of short u sound words:

Reading by word families

  1. Teacher introduces ub on a flashcard. Students repeat ub.

Students sound the initial b and ub, then read bub.

Do the same with other words in the ub family.

Read the words- whole class, by groups, by rows and individual students.

Repeat the same procedure with other word families

Phonics short u sound Word Families

ub         ud       ug        um         un          up           ut

bub       bud      bug     bum       bun         cup           but

cub       cud      dug      gum       dun        pup           cut

hub      mud     hug      hum       fun         sup           gut

nub                   jug      mum      run                          hut

pub                   lug       rum       nun                          jut

rub                   pug      gum       pun                         nut

tub                    tug                                                    rut

mug                  sun

  1. Unlocking of difficulties in mastering 3-letter short u words through:

Pictures and Real objects

tub    mug   run    hut    pup   mud

bug    gum   cup    cub    hut    bud


Rub   run    tug     hum

Hug   cut     dug

  1. 1. Reading 3-Letter short u words in Phrases

big bug                   bug on the mud

bed bag                  hug and hum

red mug                 hug and rub

tin cup                    tug and run

  1. Reading Phonics u sound words in sentences

Ask after each sentence.

  1. The bad cub and  pup run. What did cub and pup do?

The big bug is on the bud.              Where is the big bug?

Oh! There is a mud.

Get into the tub.                             Why will he get in the tub?

  1. Ben gets the cup. Who gets the cup?

The cup is in the mud.                     Where’s the cup?

Jim sat in the hut.                            Where did Jim sit?

He cuts the bun.                              What did he do with the bun?


  1. Framing words, phrases, and sentences.

Students are made to frame words, phrases and sentences.

Matching phrases and sentences on flashcards with those on the board or chart.

  1. Reading a story

Ben runs.

He runs to the hut.

He runs to see the gun.

Where is the gun?

Oh,What fun to get the gun!

What fun to run in the sun!

  1. Comprehension questions

Who runs? Where does he run to?

Why does he run to the hut? What does he ask?

What is fun for Ben/ What else is fun for Ben?

Do you have fun, too, getting a gun? What kind of gun is it?

If you will choose between a toy gun and a ball to get, what will you choose? Why?

  1. Exercises:

Activity 1- Flashcard drill, Reading word families

Activity 2 – Group 1- Underline the name of the picture on the left.

Group 2 – Underline the word which is the same as in the word box.

Group 3 – Underline the sentence that tells about the picture on the left.

Activity 3Picture Story

Teacher shows the picture while students read the story.

Activity 4 – Have the students read the story on the board.


Pair the picture on the left with the phrases or sentences on the right. Write the letter only.


Give the missing letter or letters.

Phonics should be fun for you and your child! Pick a time when you both are relaxed and happy, and have fun reading books and singing songs together. These short “u” activities are a start, but feel free to create your own, too.

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