Reading comprehension for children – Exercise 2

Reading comprehension for children – Exercise 2

This is a reading comprehension designed for grade one students to helped them grasped ideas on what they read and backed up with seven comprehension questions where they’re asked to match the questions from column A with its answers in column B.

Before we further proceed, please watch the video here to see the actual class discussion about Reading comprehension for children – Exercise 2

Read and practice:

Exercise 2

Jeff and Cecil are in a restaurant. Jeff eats rice and soup. Cecil eats bread and butter. Jeff drinks water and Cecil drinks orange juice. They enjoy the food. The food is delicious.

They often have lunch in this restaurant.

Match the questions with the answers by writing the letter before each number.

____ 1. Where are Jeff and Cecil?                a. Yes, it is.

____ 2. Who eats rice?                                   b. Yes, they like eat.

____ 3. Who eats bread?                               c. Cecil does.

____ 4. Do they like the food?                      d. Jeff drinks water

____ 5. Is the food delicious?                       e. Jeff does.

____ 6. who drinks water?                           f. Yes, they do.

____7. Do they like the restaurant?               g. In the restaurant.

A n s w e r s:            

1. g

2. e

3. c

4. b

5. a

6. d

7. f

So that’s the end of this reading comprehension for children exercise 2.

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