The Lion’s Share Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

The Lion’s Share – This article will tell you the story of the Lion’s Share on Aesop’s fables summary and a moral lesson in English. What is the lion in the fable making use of their time? Also, what is the moral lesson of the story?

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The Lion's Share Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
The Lion’s Share Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Who is Aesop?

Before exactly reading the story, let us know a little about the author first.

Aesop is a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with several fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables.

Now, enjoy reading Aesop’s story with understanding and an open mind.

The Lion’s Share

A long time ago, the Lion, the Fox, the Jackal, and the Wolf agreed to go hunting together, sharing with each other whatever they found.

One day the Wolf ran down a Stag and immediately called his comrades to divide the spoil.

Without being asked, the Lion placed himself at the head of the feast to do the carving, and, with a great show of fairness, began to count the guests.

“One,” he said, counting on his claws, “that is myself the Lion. Two, that’s the Wolf, three, is the Jackal, and the Fox makes four.”

He then very carefully divided the Stag into four equal parts.

“I am King Lion,” he said, when he had finished, “so of course I get the first part. This next part falls to me because I am the strongest; and this is mine because I am the bravest.”

He now began to glare at the others very savagely. “If any of you have any claim to the part that is left,” he growled, stretching his claws menacingly, “now is the time to speak up.”

The fable, “The Lion’s Share,” is from

Story Analysis of The Lion’s Share

TitleThe Lion’s Share
CharacterThe lion, fox, jackal and wolf
SettingOne day in the forest.
Moral of the StoryMight makes right.
Story Analysis

The Lion’s Share Moral Lesson

  • Sharing the great’s labors is permitted, but sharing the spoils is not.
  • It’s important to keep good company.
  • Don’t put your faith in alliances with powerful people.
  • Might makes right.

The Lion’s Share Summary

Lion, Fox, Jackal, and Wolf used to hunt together. The Wolf once killed a Stag and divided the spoils. The Lion volunteered to carve the feast. He cut the Stag in half. “I am Lion King.” “I am the bravest, therefore this is my bit.”

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