The North Wind And The Sun Story Moral Lesson And Summary

The North Wind And The Sun – This article will tell you the story of the north wind and the sun on Aesop’s fables summary and a moral lesson in English. What is the sun in the fable making use of their time? Also, what is the moral lesson of the story?

Here, we give you an inspiring moral story for kids. This would be one of the best moral stories for kids as they love animals. Most stories for children like this serve as a foundation for learning and ethical lessons.

Fables, like this one, are typical stories about animals that convey moral lessons for you and your kids. We have therefore prepared a variety of fable stories that you can read and share with your loved ones.

Stories for kids like this are best designed to engage learners in reading. This exhibits the morality of animals as it illustrates the ways of animals. You may now explore the beautiful fable story by Aesop.

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The North Wind & the Sun Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
The North Wind & the Sun Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Who is Aesop?

Before exactly reading the story, let us know a little about the author first.

Aesop is a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with several fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables.

Now, enjoy reading Aesop’s story with understanding and an open mind.

The North Wind And The Sun

The North Wind and the Sun were disputing about which of them was the stronger. While they were disputing with much heat and bluster, a Traveler passed along the road wrapped in a cloak.

“Let us agree,” said the Sun, “that he is the stronger who can strip that Traveler of his cloak.”

“Very well,” growled the North Wind, and at once sent a cold, howling blast against the Traveler.

With the first gust of wind the ends of the cloak whipped about the Traveler’s body. But he immediately wrapped it closely around him, and the harder the Wind blew, the tighter he held it to him. The North Wind tore angrily at the cloak, but all his efforts were in vain.

Then the Sun began to shine. At first his beams were gentle, and in the pleasant warmth after the bitter cold of the North Wind, the Traveler unfastened his cloak and let it hang loosely from his shoulders. The Sun’s rays grew warmer and warmer.

The man took off his cap and mopped his brow. At last he became so heated that he pulled off his cloak, and, to escape the blazing sunshine, threw himself down in the welcome shade of a tree by the roadside.

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Story Analysis of The North Wind And The Sun

What is the title of the story?The title of the story is “The North Wind And The Sun“.
Who are the characters of the story?The characters of the story are the north wind and the sun.
What is the theme of the story?The theme of the story is persuasion and gentleness.
What is the setting of the story?The setting of the story is one day in the road.
What is the moral of the story?The moral of the story is gentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail.
Who is the author of the story?The author of the story is Aesop.
Story Analysis

The North Wind And The Sun Moral Lesson

  • Gentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail.
  • Persuasion has the upper hand overpressure.
  • Keeping things in perspective.
  • Violence has its limits, but gentleness has none.
  • They can’t win if they begin by making threats.
  • Always treat others with compassion and warmth.
  • Kindness affects more than severity.
  • Bluster is not a sign of true power.

The North Wind And The Sun Summary

The wind and the sun bet on which can force a man to remove a coat. The sun wins.

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What is the Solution of the Story “The Northwind And The Sun“?

Later in the story, the Northwind and sun quarrel about who is stronger. So they bet who can remove the cloak of the traveler. Then the north wind gave and blew the more closely with his strong wind but it didn’t work while the sun shines from bright to warmer and turns hot hence he remove his cloak.

Certainly, gentle persuasion wins every heart but force and violence harm.

More Lessons for Children

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