Match the Following – Column A and Column B

Match the Following – Sentences in Column A with Column B and write the correct letter on the space provided

Hi there! Today we will discuss about the matching sentences in column A with column b kind of test that could be applicable to kids. We will discuss the matching type test which is match column a and column b that is helpful to give children to use choices that corresponds to matching columns A and B.

Learners can use the matching test item format to connect a word, sentence, or phrase in one column to a word, sentence, or phrase in another column. The first column’s elements are referred to as premises, while the second column’s solutions are referred to as replies.

In this discussion and lesson, I have provided two activities that consist of different types of choices. The activity 1 will help the student in choosing the correct answer that corresponds on the questions in column A and the right answer on column B. While the activity 2 composed of descriptive choices of an item in column A and that should matched in column B. These Matching Type of Test will give ideas to the students in to give a correct answer in certain situations.

Activity 1: Match the following by writing the letter of the correct answer before each number in column A from column B.

A                                                                                 B

______ 1. May I help you?                                          a. No more, thanks. / That’s all thanks.

______ 2. What size do you want?                             b. Thank you, sir. Here is forty-baht change.

______ 3. And the color?                                            c. Yes, I’d like to buy a shirt.

______ 4. Anything else?                                            d. Medium. (Size M)

______ 5. How much does it cost?                             e. Green

______ 6. Here’s two hundred baht.                          d.  One hundred seventy-five baht.

Match Column A with Column B - Activity 2
Match Column A with Column B – Activity 2

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