Phonics ea Words Vowel Team “EA” Complete Tutorial

Phonics ea Words Vowel Team “EA” Complete Tutorial

The Phonics ea words or Vowel Team “ea” is the combination of both an “e” and “a” double vowels also result s in the long e sound. This lesson brings you a complete tutorial and was followed up with various exercises for students to work on for mastery. And more importantly the phonics ea words tutorial were included to help teachers in teaching students in;

Recognize ea words with long e sound, phrases and sentences. These are matched with the vowel team /ea/ as it sounds in meat and Answer who, what where and why questions.

a. Lesson 7– Vowel Team /ea/ as in meat

Vowel Team /ea/ as in meat

b. Materials – flashcards of ea words with long e sound, phrases and sentences, pictures and real objects

c. Value: Proper use of leisure time

Learning Experiences:

A. Drill

  1. Initial consonant- p, s, r, t, b, l, m, n, z
  2. Sight vocabulary- the, into, and, have, is, has, with, which, where
  3. Words learned:

feet                  been                 week

jeep                  seed                 reel

See the queen                          I see the queen.

Keep the seed                         We peel the seed.

Seek and seek                         It can be a bee.

B. Opener: Reading a rhyme

Reading a rhyme

C. Motivation:

Say: During summer many of us go swimming to beat the heat of the sun. When you are from the farm you have the river. Who went to the river? And when you live near the sea, you went to the beach. Who went swimming to the beach? When you are at the beach, you look out into the sea. Who do you see sometimes? And what are coming in from the sea to the beach? (the waves)

D. Presentation:

Reading by word families

  1. Teacher introduces ea. Students repeat ea.

Students blend s and ea. Then read sea.

Do the same with words in the ea family.

Read the words by whole class, by groups, by rows and individual students.

  1. Teacher introduces eal. Students repeat eal.

Students sound h and eal. Then read heal.

Do the same with words in the ean family.

Read the words by whole class, by groups, by rows and by individual students.

  1. Teacher repeats procedure in introducing the eap, eat, ead, eak, and eam families.

E. Unlocking of difficulties:

Picture:           sea       meal

Real Objects:  pea       tea       seat      seal

Action:            read     leap      beat

Context:          Feel the heat of the sun.

The man beat the dog. He is so mean.

He is the dean in a school.

  1. Reading phonics ea words in phrases:

eat the meat                             pea and tea

beat the heat                            a deep sea

lead the team                           a weak beak

read the lead                            beat the team

  1. Reading ea words with long e sound in sentences:

Ask after each sentence:

We eat meat.                            What will we do?

I lead the team.                        Who leads the team?

We beat the team.                    What did you do with the team?

Lee is lean and weak.               What kind of a girl is Lee?

It has a weak beak.                   What kind of beak has it?

He has been a dean.                Who has been a dean?

I read to lead.                          Why do you read?

  1. Reading a Story

4. Framing phrases and sentences in the story. Matching phrases and sentences on flashcards wit those in the story.

  1. Comprehension questions to master phonics ea words:

How many men has the team?

Who leads the team?

Where is the team?

What does the team do in the sea?

How does the team feel?

Does the team have a good time?

When do you have a good time?

Do you use your time properly? How?

F. Exercises:

Activity 1- Class Activity

Reading the ea families down the column first and then across the columns.

Activity 2

Group 1- Read the rhyme to the class.

Group 2 – Find the words with ea in the puzzle. How many words do you see?

Activity 3– Class participates. Complete the column. One row to a column.

Activity 4 –“Give me what I want”

The teacher starts a game.

“Give me a word with eat.”

Activity 5- Reading the story.

Evaluation: Write the letter of the word or words that tells about the picture.

Video resources

Watch the video here about the Phonics ea words complete guide in learning words with “ea”.

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Downloadable File

Here’s the Powerpoint presentation used in this tutorial.ea-as-in-meat_lesson-7


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