Modal “can” indicating ability and its negative Practice Exercise

Modal “can” indicating ability and its negative Practice Exercise

In this starter pack tutorial for beginners, learners will be able to learn the modal “Can” that indicates ability and it’s negative. What does “Can” means in English lesson? How it use and affects the idea of a sentence?

Practice exercise 1

Underline the correct answers.

1. Every student (can, cannot) learn to read and write.

2. A blind man (can, cannot) see.

3. A magician (can, cannot) do magic tricks.

4. We (can, cannot) live in water.

5. A clown (can, cannot) make people laugh.

6. A doctor (can, cannot) cure sick people.

7. Plants (can, cannot) live without water.

8. Penguins are birds that (can, cannot) fly.

9. My father has a driving license. He (can, cannot) drive a car.

10. Andy is too short. He (can, cannot) reach the shell.

Practice exercise 2

Answer the questions with “Yes, I can” or “No, I can’t”

1. Can a dog sing? No, ______________________.

2. Can the beetle fly? Yes, ______________________.

3. Can Ben draw a picture? Yes, ______________________.

4. Can Claire ride a bicycle? No, ______________________.

5. Can Marie play the piano? Yes, ______________________.

6. Can caterpillars fly? ______________________.

7. Can Mr. Smith carry the box? Yes, ______________________.

8. Can a hen lay eggs? Yes, ______________________.

9. Can a horse jump over the fence? ______________________.

10. Can Timmy reach the top of the cupboard? No, ______________________.

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