Reading Comprehension for Children – Exercise 4

Reading Comprehension for Children – Exercise 4

This reading comprehension for children practice exercise 4 is designed for grade one students to helped them grasped ideas on what they have read and backed up with five comprehension questions for them to answer to test their understanding.

My Pet Horse

By: Andrew Frinkle

John has a pet.

His pet is a horse.

His horse is brown.

His horse has a name.

Its name is Dusty.

Dusty is a boy horse.

Dusty has four legs.

Dusty has a tail.

His tail is long.

John feeds his horse.

Dusty eats many foods.

Dusty eats apples.

Dusty eats carrots.

Dusty eats hay.

John loves his horse.

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

1. His pet is a __________.

a. cow

                b. horse

                c. cat

                d. dog

2. Dusty has__________ legs.

                a. one

                b. two

                c. three

                d. four

3. His horse is __________.

                a. white

                b. gray

                c. brown

                d. black

4. Yes or No: Does dusty eat apples?

                a. Yes

                b. No

5. Yes or No: Does Dusty eat pie?

                a. Yes

                b. No

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