Animal Expressions -English vocabulary lesson

Animal Expressions -English vocabulary lesson

In this lesson, you will learn 8 expressions related to animals.

The first one is;

Paul: Are you ready to propose Amy?

Tom: I’m worried that she’ll say no.

Paul: Just ask her! Don’t be a chicken!

We also have an expression a related expression using a phrasal verb.

This means “to not do something because you are too scared

=tears that you cry when you are not really sad or sorry.

= a false and insincere display of emotion.

doggy bag

In a restaurant, if you don’t finish your food, they will put it in a doggy bag for you.

(this is very common in America)


A friendly waitress gave us a doggy bag for our left-over food.

Don and Carl couldn’t finish the food they order at the restaurant, and they ask for a doggy bag.


                Joey lent bicycle to James a month ago.

                He didn’t return the bicycle to James.

                They meet by chance at the mall.

                Joey: Hi James. How are you?

                James: I’m great, thanks. How are you?

                Joey: I think that we should talk the elephant in the room.

                James: Yes, the bicycle. Let me explain…

I got it straight from the horse’s mouth that there is a big concert in town.

I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth that Mike will be promoted.

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