Integrity In Tagalog – Integrity Meaning In Tagalog

INTEGRITY IN TAGALOG– This article will teach you the Tagalog translation and meaning of the word Integrity. It also answers the questions “What is the meaning of integrity in Tagalog?” and ” How to use the word integrity in Tagalog sentences?”

Integrity in Tagalog - Integrity Meaning in Tagalog

The word Integrity is directly translated as Integridad. Integrity is a state being in one mind nd undivided. And integridad naman ay ang pagkakaroon ng disiplinadong ugali at moral.

What is the meaning of Integrity In English?

Integrity means that you live your life in accordance with your fundamental principles, that you are honest with everyone, and that you always follow through on your promises. Integrity is a highly regarded quality, particularly among leaders.

According to Merriam Webster, it is a firm adherence to a code of, especially moral or artistic values.

Integrity Synonyms In English

Here are some synonyms of integrity in English.

  • Honesty
  • Uprightness
  • Probity
  • Rectitude
  • Honor
  • Ethics
  • Moral
  • Righteousness

What is Integrity In Tagalog Translation?

Learn how to translate the word Integrity in Tagalog:

English to Tagalog translation of the word Integrity.

The direct translation of the word Integrity is Integridad.

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What is Integrity (Integridad) meaning in Tagalog?

Ayon sa, ang integridad ay itinuturing na pagiging matapat at totoo o kawastuhan ng mga kilos ng isang tao.

Integridad (Integrity) Kasingkahulugan

Here are some synonyms of Integridad in Tagalog.

  • Pagtatapat
  • Katapang loob
  • Matibay na loob
  • Prinsipyo
  • Moralidad

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Integrity In Tagalog Translation Example Sentences

Josh is showing his integrity by being true.Napapakita ni Josh ang kanyang integridad sa pamamagitan ng pagiging totoo.
Did you know what is integrity?Alam mo ba kug ang integridad?
How could you be filled with integrity?Paano mo nagagawang maging puno ng integridad?
Please translate the word integrity in Tagalog.Pakisalin ng salitang integridad sa Ingles.
You must live your life with integrity.Kailangan mong mamuhay ng may integridad.
English Tagalog Translation Example Sentences

You can make more sentences using the word integrity. And to avoid mistakes, make sure that the thought of your sentence is complete.

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