Short i Sound Words As In Pig

Short i Sound Words As In Pig

i Sound Words – In this lesson you’ll be guided on how to learn the Phonics short I vowel sound words as in pig and can be found in words such as jig , sit, hit, fix and trip with its corresponding sentences.

The learner’s outcome would be to;

  1. Recognize words, phrases and sentences with shorts i vowel words as in pig.
  2. Answer who, what, where questions about a story read.

Lesson 6     –         phonics i words as in pig

Materials    –        word cards, phrases and sentence cards, pictures, chart

Value          –        Kindness to animals

Learning Experiences for Phonics i Words:

A. Drill

– Read words, phrases and sentences with o as in pot

B. Motivation


To market, to market.

To buy a fat pig.

Home again, home again.

Jiggity- jiggity-jig

Where do we buy a fat pig? (in the market)

What sound is made in going home? (jiggity – jig)

Say the sound.

Today we learn to read words with the same sound.

C. Presentation of short i words:

Reading by word families.

words with I sound words families

Teacher introduces the word family – ig. Students repeat – ig.

Students sound the initial b and igbig. Do the same with other words in the  –ig family.

Read the words -while class, groups, rows and individual students.

Repeat the same procedure with the other word families.

Short i Sound Words

Short i Sound Words

D. Unlocking of difficulties through pictures

Through pictures – pig, fin, lip, six. lid, pit

Through gestures – dig, hid, sip, fix, sit, zip

  1. Phonics i words in Phrases

hit him                  sip the mix

in the hip              did the zip

fix the wig            a big pig

  1. Short i vowel words in Sentences

Ask after each sentence.

He hit him in the hip.              What did he do with him?

We can fix the wig.                  What will we do wig the wig?

The big pig hid in the bin.       What did the big pig do?

Sit by the pit, Tim.                            What will you do?

  1. Story

words with i sounds

words with i sounds

            4.  Comprehension Questions

What did Tim and Jim see?

What is in the pit?

Who hid the lid?

Why do you think the pig is in the pit?

If you were Tim or Jim, what would you do with the pig? Why?

What kind of a boy are you? If you help the pig get out of the pit?

E. Exercises using i sound words

Activity 1 – read words from flashcards

Activity 2 – Match the pictures with the word by drawing a line.


Activity 3 – Underline the phrase that is the same as the phrase on the left.


a big wig                          1. a big wig

a big pig

a big bin


fix and mix                         2.  sip the milk

sip and fix

Sip the milk


hit the hip                           3. hit the hip

in the hip

hit the tip


did the nit                            4. did the zip

fit the zip

did the zip


Activity 4 – Read the sentences. Answer the question about each.

  1. He hit him in the hip. (Where did he hit him?)
  2. We can fix t eh wig. (What can we fix?)
  3. The big pig hid in the bin. (Who hid in the bin?)
  4. Sit by the pit, Tim. (What is Tim told to do?)

Activity 5- Match the words, phrases and sentence cards with those in the story on the board.



Read the story.


Recite the rhyme.

There you go guys you’ve just learned a complete tutorial on how to read words phrases and sentences with the short I sound as in pig. Our next lesson will focus on the Vowel team “ea”.

By; Ms. Hail

Watch the video tutorial here about short i sound as in pig.


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