Punctuation Lesson | The Comma

Punctuation Lesson | The Comma

Before we further proceed, please watch the video here to see the actual class discussion about Punctuation Lesson | The Comma.


A. Read the conversation

B. What is the function of a comma (,)?

C. Discussion

We use the full stop (.) to mark the end of a statement.

We use the question mark (?) to mark the end of a question.

Where to use the comma (,)

-We use the comma;

-to separate words or items in a list or series.


There were monkeys, camels, pandas, birds and horses.

(We use and before the last item.)

-to separate the person or people you address.


Rosie, what have you got in your bag?

Come here, girls.

-to separate expressions such as oh, well, yes, no.


Yes, you all look happy.

Oh, that’s interesting.

So that’s the end of this lesson of Punctuation Lesson | The Comma.

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