Help our planet! | English Lesson

Help our planet! | English Lesson

Before we further proceed, please watch the video here to see the actual class discussion about Help our planet! | English Lesson.

A. Listen, point and repeat

B. Read, listen and match.

A                                                                              B

1. We read them.                                                        a. bottles

2. we write on this. It’s in your notebook.                  b. bins

3. We put rubbish in them.                                         c. cans

4. They can be plastic or glass. We buy                     d. newspapers

Water and other drinks in them.                               

5. They are from the market. We put our                       e. paper

shopping in them.

6. They are meal. They are used for food                       f. plastic bags

and drink.

C. Ask and answer.

So that’s the end of this lesson of Help our planet! | English Lesson

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