Present Progressive Tense Exercise With Answer For Grade 9

Present Progressive –  In this full tutorial for beginners’ we are going to learn the present progressive tense examples and exercises with answer in English. The present progressive indicates continuing action; something is going on now. 

Present Progressive Tense Exercise with Answer for Grade 9
Present Progressive Tense Exercise with Answer for Grade 9

What is Present Progressive/Continuous?

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The Present Progressive is also called present continuous. It is used to indicate actions happening at the time of speaking or used for planned future actions.

The verb form used in this tense are:  is, am, are + the verb ing.

Present Progressive/Continuous Examples

  • He is going.
  • I am going.
  • They are going
  • They are watching.
  • She is watching.

Present Progressive/Continuous Exercise

Time needed: 2 minutes

Direction: Put the verbs in parenthesis into the present continuous tense.

  1. She (not work), she (swim) in the river.

  2. The plane (fly) at 2,000 feet.

  3. What Dana (do) now?

  4. He (clean) his shoes.

  5. What you (read) now?

  6. I (read) The Lion And The Mouse.

  7. It is a lovely day. The sun (shine) and the bird (sing).

  8. Someone (knock) at the door.

    Present Progressive Exercise

  9. Mother usually doesn’t make cakes on Sundays, but she (make) one today because of my birthday.

  10. The man (stand) in the street holding a blanket and his wife (throw) things.

  11. The firemen (put) up a ladder and one of them (climb) up to help her.

  12. They (dig) an enormous hole just outside my gate. Why they (dig) it? I don’t know. Perhaps they (look) for oil.

  13. Who (make) that terrible noise?

  14. The children are very quiet. Go and see what they (do). They (cut) some twenty-baht notes.

  15. What you (wait) for?

  16. I can’t hear what you (say). The traffic (make) too much noise.

Present Progressive/Continuous Exercise Answers

1. is not working, is swimming9. is making
2. is flying10. is standing, is throwing
3. is doing11. are putting, is climbing
4. is cleaning12. are digging, are digging
5. are you reading13. is making
6. am reading14. are doing, are cutting
7. is shining, is singing15. are you waiting
8. is knocking16. are saying, is making
Present Continuous Exercise Answers

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Javelyn E. Villanueva
Foreign Teacher

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