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7 Useful Expressions in Business English Vocabulary in Use and Exercises

Good day! For this tutorial we will be discussing the 7 useful Expressions in Business English Vocabulary Lessons. But before we start the discussion let use know what do we mean by useful expressions. To explain the word expression we provided an example of expression. The word expression is a commonly used word or phrase. It could also be a manner of expressing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we expressed most of the time. By the end of this discussion you will find the 7 Useful Expressions in Business English Vocabulary exercises and downloadable PDF.

This is an English vocabulary lesson and the subject is Business English (part one). In this lesson you will learn 7 expressions that we often use in business.

Now that you are informed about the content of this article, let us proceed with the 7 Useful Expressions in Business English Vocabulary Exercises and Deep Discussion.

  1. A-S-A-P or ASAP

There are two pronunciation (ASAP) and this is an acronym or an abbreviation.

 Each letter is in fact a word it means As Soon As Possible.

In other words, very quickly. So, when we are asking someone do ASAP, we’re asking them to do something very quickly or immediately.

2. back to square one

Let’s talk about the origin of this expression, in a board game, if you make a mistake, you must return to the first square.

Business English Vocabulary Lessons

The meaning is to “start something again”, you have to start all the way from the beginning, go back from the beginning and start all over again.

Example: Our small business went bankrupt so, we’re back to square one.

3. small talk

“Small talk” is a conversation about unimportant things or things that are not important. We often make small talk at parties with people we don’t know.


4. small talk in business

 Small talk is obviously done in business.

People always make small talk before at the start of a business meetings.

This is because it is quite rude to immediately start talking about business. Here’s an example:

Business English Vocabulary Exercises

And then they continue to talk about work. So, you make a small talk at the beginning of a meeting and then get down to business.

5. snail mail

Let’s look at the sentence:

6. on your toes

If you are “on your toes”, it means that you’re alert and concentrating.

The origin of the expression is from sports like tennis.

For example:

A bar gets busy between 11pm and 3am.

At 10:45, the manager said to the staff:

Manager: We are going to be busy soon. Stay on your toes!

7. take the bull by the horns

Business English Vocabulary Lesson and Exercises


The school principal takes the bull by the horns and carried out its strict policies for the students who bullies.

 And finally, if you take the bull by the horns, you do not ignore the problem. You try to solve it ASAP.

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