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Good day! In this lesson we will be discussing the count nouns and non count nouns. The nouns are important in constructing sentences that is why they should be determined before put in a sentence. This nouns are categorized into two. The count nouns and the non count nouns, they will be discussed as you read further. By the end of this lesson you can have the downloadable materials of Count and Non-count Nouns Lesson PowerPoint and word document. Now let us know what are count and non-count nouns.

Part A – The Count Nouns

A Countable Noun can be used in the plural or with ‘a’ or ‘an’. An Uncountable Noun cannot be made plural or used with ‘a’ or ‘an’.

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb “be”.

  1. There _________ some time before the game.
  2. There_________ two people looking at the house.
  3. _________ there a good movie showing at that theater?
  4. _________ there any good hotels near here?
  5. Why _________ there police officers outside that house?
  6. There _________ a hat on the table.
  7. . _________ there enough chairs for everyone?
  8. _________ there a pillow on the bed?
  9. There _________ seven days in a week.
  10. There _________ ten students in the classroom.

After the discussion of the count Nouns, let us go now for Non-count Nouns.

Part B – Non-count Nouns

Directions: Complete each sentence with “much’ or “many”.

  1. How ____________ time is there to finish our work today?
  2. There aren’t ___________ students in class today.
  3. I like her very ___________.
  4. How ____________ money do you have?
  5. Are there ____________ cars in the parking lot?
  6. You don’t make ____________ mistakes, do you?
  7. There isn’t very ____________ tea left in the teapot.
  8. She doesn’t like too ____________ meat in the sauce.
  9. How ____________ people do you know in your neighborhood?
  10. There isn’t very ____________ oil left in the world.

Now you have the discussed lesson, I have provided quizzes for your students to practice.


A. 1. is   2. are  3. Is  4. Are 5. Are  6. Is 7. Are  8. Is  9. Are 10. Are

B. 1. much  2. many  3. much  4. much  5. many  6. many  7. much 8. much 9. many 10. much

Downloadable “Count and Non-count Noun” English Lesson Materials

Download here the PPT or PowerPoint presentation of the Lesson: Count and Non-count Nouns This will serve as your basis to teach your students. You may also have the Count Nouns and Non-coung Nouns PDF or copy of this lesson.

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